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Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

GoFishing Tips

1. Rush Fishing Tournament

Get from level 5 to 8 and 1000 (more or less) coin in the least amount of game time by participating in four Rush Fishing Tournaments at Lake Michigan. Try to catch a minimum of 60 fish during each Tournament and you’ll get to 8 without a hitch.
Two hours before each competition, go to Still Water and drop Breadcrumb Fish Chum (100 coins). Close the game and do something else until the competition starts. Bring a “Landing net 5″, 60 bread, 60 worms, three line 3s, five hook 1.5s to make sure you get the most from this.

2. Unique Fish

Change the line, hook, and bait every now and then. This will increase your chances to hook and land unique fish.

3. Auto Collect Bonuses

Use Auto Collect Bonuses to collect bonuses from your friends’ feeds. Set it to collect every 20 seconds.

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